Client Testimonials

PR, Photography & Cover Designs

"I honestly love working with Sam and her TalkNerdy crew. From managing every aspect of my author world and supporting me every step of the way, Sam has changed my life for the better. My book launches are now on time and organized. My releases and reveals are hyped up and huge. And all my groups and social pages have grown beyond measure. She's not just a PA; she's a goddess in the book community and an amazing friend who's there for you whenever you need her. She even has mad beautiful skills in photography and book cover design. Sam is and had everything you need, want, and love in one incredible package that is TalkNerdy PR. And the best part, she's the kindest, funniest, sweetest, most caring and loyal person I ever had the pleasure to know." - Mallory Fox

Dance with Death PR

"I highly recommend Talk Nerdy to Me for book promotion and author services! The level of exposure I received from my latest release was outstanding and everything I needed was taken care of without me needing to be on top of every little thing. I've also made some amazing connections with new readers, bloggers, and authors as a result of working with Talk Nerdy to Me. Will definitely be using again!"  -  Brynn Ford

PR, Cover Designs & Photography

"Every experience I’ve had with TalkNerdy has been above and beyond exceptional. Samantha is so knowledgeable and hard working. Her kind heart makes this company so much more personable and she gives way more than she receives. No other company compares for me!" - Chrissy Reneaux

Shallow River PR & Teasers

"I literally don't know where I'd be without TalkNerdy. And I say that with absolute full sincerity. When I found TalkNerdy, I was a new author that had no idea what I was doing or how the hell I was going to get my book noticed. TalkNerdy changed that for me. I was nervous to use a a PR Service as I was completely clueless. Sam was the absolute NICEST, most welcoming person I have ever spoken with. I remember telling everyone how incredible it is that I'm using a PR Service that didn't make me feel as lost as I knew I was. Sam was-and still is-extremely helpful, is eager to explain anything you're unsure of, and will guide you through working with the best PR Service to date. She goes above and beyond and bends over backwards for her authors. I've never seen someone more hardworking. Sam truly cares to see your book succeed. I promise, you will not regret working with TalkNerdy!"  -  Hailey Carlton