Title: Carmelo's Malice (Whitsborough Progenies Book 2)

Author: C.A. Rene
Genre: Dark Romance

Cover Reveal Date pending
Release Blitz Date April 19th


Why am I so angry?
Why does the need to make another bleed reside within me?
Easy, genetics right?
I’m nothing like my mother and my father is dead.
Now what?
Whitsborough is a town that’s shiny on the outside but rotting on the inside.
Unearthing one secret here means digging through hundreds of others to reach it.
Finding my father’s secret would change everything.
My training is helping to keep my rage in check,
But my mind is fixated on the one thing I can’t have.
Catalina Delgado, Cartel Princesa.
She’s a human weapon trained for mass destruction,
And I’m designed to self-destruct.
Where’s our safe place? Or are we destined to forever be alone?